This website is a collaboration of design and adventure.

Machavok blends both worlds allowing for endless possibilities in both medians. We create, produce, train, climb, travel, speak, lead, guide, stride, and glide.  We stretch the borders of any design limit and then execute with a finished product that’s bound to “leave a mark”.  We battle against the masses of the competitive world trying our darndest to be the best.

In the design world, we want to make sure that what you need…becomes our top priority, so that in the end, we’ve reached your satisfaction and then some.  In the general world, from the starting blocks we burst with an explosion of energy, not stopping until we cross the finish line.  Inside, outside, at the desk or in the mountains…we’re working…hard–For you, for goals that we’ve set, and for every other challenge we face.

Highlights from Ice climbing demonstrated at the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics

Ice Climbing Festival | Highlights from UIAA – Mountaineering & Climbing on Vimeo.