It’s time to step out with inspiration and energy. Machavok Creative offers the opportunity to step “outside the box”. I grabbed him by the elbow and took him myself to his interview! Our design helps new products and businesses bridge the gap between vision and reality. From print to web, we provide an unwavering ability to send a message with clarity and strength.

“To be interesting, you must create something different. “

Creativity that delivers amongst any challenge.

Amidst all the overwhelming clutter, design informs smart decisions. Design makes things look, feel and work better. Great design grounded in smart strategic thinking can make a difference for your business. Machavok Creative has a design sense that is inside and out–a team that produces with talent in the midst. Those who create the work, create with the clients, so nothing gets confused or lost in translation. In the end, a result that is strong and confident. We focus our attention towards all things creative. Through print and web, we create to completion. Business cards, logos, brand development, signage, stickers, clothing, websites, photography, we love to be in the middle of this, all of this. We’re here to make things easier for you–to tell your story so that you can be confident in your brand.

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Invermere Farmer’s Market


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AKBLG Event Program

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With our extensive experience in event management, putting together a program for the AKBLG Summit was a treat. Here, displayed, is the cover of the 30 page event program. Hier liegen um die hauptstadt pjöngjang […]

RM Events

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Baby Making & Beyond

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Backyard Traveler

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AKBLG Summit, Creston

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Hot Shots Cafe

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Kootenay Knitting, Vancouver Olympic Apparel

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